Wrapping your vehicle is a smaller investment than that of traditional advertising and you will target a larger audience… potentially millions of people over the lifespan of your wrap. There is a huge marketing advantage for smaller and larger companies that wrap their fleet and delivery vehicles. Regardless of business size, one thing business owners have in common is the understanding that vehicle wraps are a fundamental component of their marketing strategy and no other advertising medium will get them the same ROI.

Here are some statistics from the Outdoor Advertising Association of America:

Medium – Newspaper
Type of Advertisment – Top 100 markets / 1/3 page black & white
Cost per thousand impressions – $22.95

Medium – Television
Type of Advertisment – Top 100 Markets / 30 second prime time spot
Cost per thousand impressions – $17.78

Medium – Magazine
Type of Advertisment – 23 publications / 4 color full page
Cost per thousand impressions – $9.35

Medium – Radio
Type of Advertisment – Top 100 markets / 60 second drive time
Cost per thousand impressions – $8.61

Medium – Billboards
Type of Advertisment – Average / all forms: 8 sheet, 30 sheet, bus, bus shelter, etc.
Cost per thousand impressions – $2.18

Medium – Vehicle Ads
Type of Advertisment – Wraps
Cost per thousand impressions – $.80 – $1.30


Why wrap a vehicle instead of using paint? Well… that’s easy. In most cases, repainting a new vehicle will decrease its value because the next person to buy the vehicle won’t know if it was painted to cover up a previous wreck or for cosmetic reasons. Wrapping a vehicle will protect the factory paint job and can be removed without any damage to the vehicle if installed and removed correctly. Custom wraps are only limited by your creativity and imagination. With so many styles and options to chose from, Independent Print and Design will work with you and will turn your regular ride into a car you will be proud to drive.


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