• January 14, 2016
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The beginning of each new year is a great time to evaluate past trends in the design industry, and take a look at what new trends are in the pipeline. There were many new, popular innovations in design from 2015 that we expect to carry over into 2016, like background videos, flat design, and robust mobile app design. In addition to these design trends from 2015, expect to see a rise in a few new trends in 2016, such as card-based interface design. Below is a list of design trends we expect to continue from 2015, and new trends to be on the lookout for.

Continuing Trends


The Rise of Flat Design

Flat design has been a design trend for the past few years, but in 2015 it evolved towards a more ideal form. The continued expansion of screen sizes and devices means that this design principle is here to stay. Flat design will probably look a little different every year as other design trends change around it, but the main reason to use flat design will continue to persist.

Mobile Apps

As mobile apps become increasingly more common, designers are getting better and better at designing them. Mobile device use is also continuing to expand and increase on other types of platforms such as smart TV devices and the Apple Watch, which will drive even more demand for versatile mobile apps.

Background: Fullscreen Videos

The perfect background video on a website’s homepage has the ability to automatically elevate the perceived quality of a website. As internet speeds continue to increase across the board and designers learn how to best use video in a way that enhances rather than distract from the content, expect to continue to see video play an important role in website design.

Responsive Design with Better Performance

As people move towards using an increasing number of mobile devices, responsive design has become more important than ever. Responsive design has already become standard, but it will continue its takeover of the web as old websites are redesigned.

New Trends for 2016


Theme-Customized Typography

The number of typefaces has continued to expand, giving designers more and more options to choose from. As designers work towards improving all aspects of their designs, adhering to sound typographical principles will become even more important.

Increased Minimalism

Increased minimalism goes hand in hand with responsive and flat design. As the web becomes more complicated, minimalist design is becoming much more attractive to designers and consumers alike. As the influence of conversion rate experts and user experience increases, we will see more data supporting stripping back designs to just the essentials.

Storytelling: Designing with Personality

The barrage of content on the internet means that many web users are getting “content blindness” in the same way that they did with “ad blindness.” Only the best design and content will stand out. Emotional and engaging stories that utilize great content and design formats will be key to standing out in 2016 and beyond.

Card-Based Interface Design

Card-based interfaces are on the rise. Microsoft and Pinterest initially put them on the map, but many other designers are starting to see the appeal of these interfaces. Cards are a great way to present lots of information to the user, and are a good replacement for older interface design such as sliders.

While these predictions are important to consider and incorporate into your design elements in 2016, it’s always important to be on the lookout for new design trends that pop up throughout the year. Don’t get behind the curve and continue with old styles of design out of habit!